WINGS OF PASSION a Collection of Dramas by Arenla M Subong (Soft Copy)


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The Author: Arenla M Subong
Being raised in the Northeast of India and hailing from Nagaland state, I find it apt to write stories that reflect my culture and other things that are close to my heart.

My work so far has been very successful and I thank Ms Hekali, former Director, North East Zone Cultural Centre, for coming forward to sponsor my two howey musicals – Lichaba’s Daughter and Sojourn of the Ahom Prince in Naga Hills, and Ms Kumuni, the then Project Director, Nagaland AIDS Control Society, Government of Nagaland, for sponsoring Big Time Buddies, an HIV/AIDS short feature film and thereby making it possible to achieve my dream. It would not be fair if I do not mention my husband Moa Subong, who has been there all along to support my works.

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