Political Participation and Political Attitude By E. Benrithung Patton (Soft copy)


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Political Participation and Political Attitude; A Study of Mokokchung District By E. Benrithung Patton (Soft copy)


Political behavior like any other aspect of human behaviour takes place in a particular socio-economic and cultural milieu. The author in his study establishes that only certain socio-economic factors have an effect on the voting turnout of the voters in spite of the overall high voting participation. The correlation between political participation and several aspects of socio-economic status differ relatively in terms of culture, space, time, individuals and of political context.

This book highlights that political participation depends not only on the personal attributes of electors themselves but also on properties of their social and cultural environments. Political Participation and Political Attitude: A Study of Mokokchung District is a book for wide description { from representative democratic generalizations to the traditional political contexts. This will make an expansive contribution to the academic discourse and to the citizens towards understanding the patterns and extent of political participation and attitude in the modern democratic process which is interestingly embedded in a predominantly traditional social structure.

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