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Nagaland, hidden in North East India, cultivates sustainable coffee grown in harmony with natural forests, processed meticulously for optimal aroma and flavour, and sourced organically to support local communities.

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Hidden amidst the enchanting landscapes of North East India, Nagaland unveils its captivating essence—a state with a rich history, including the bygone era of headhunting, which concluded only a few years ago. Today, Nagaland stands as a beacon of sustainable progress. In the lower Himalayas, our coffee plantation thrives under the sheltering canopy of the natural forest. To foster the growth of sustainable economies within rural villages, we have established a unique joint venture, partnering with local villagers in the cultivation of coffee. Meticulously selecting the finest Arabica varieties, tailored to suit the climate of this nascent coffee-growing region, we ensure that only the best coffee cherishes our soil. Each area within our plantation employs distinctive processing methods, carefully tailored to accentuate the unique aroma and flavour notes of the coffee beans. Our unwavering commitment to purity and sustainability is evident through our organic practices, with each variety and growing area meticulously processed to highlight its inherent qualities. Join us on this journey as we celebrate the rich flavours and untapped potential of Nagaland’s coffee, nurturing communities and embracing nature’s abundance.

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  1. Avi

    Not that great taste.

  2. Kielie suvi


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