Our Petals by Vizosienuo Shuya & Chozila L Sangtam (Soft Cover)


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The Author: Vizosienuo Shuya & Chozila L Sangtam

Vizosienuo Shuya: Born on 26th September 1997, Vizosienuo Shuya hails from Meriema Village, Kohima. She has a master’s degree in English Literature. Also a student leader and an ex-cadet, she enjoys travelling and trekking. She is an enthusiastic reader-writer and a full-time thinker

Chozila L Sangtam is currently pursuing her master’s degree in linguistics from Nagaland University. Her first book is ‘Meraki’, a collection of poems published by Cue Academy Kohima in the year 2020. Besides writing, she loves reading, adventure, photography, and listening to music.

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