Reens Lab Naga Tribe Fridge Magnets Souvenirs


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Souvenirs Naga Tribe fridge magnets from Nagaland:  Capture the vibrant culture and traditions of the Naga people. These magnets are a unique keepsake, showcasing the rich heritage and artistic flair of Nagaland’s indigenous Naga Tribe.

Reens Lab Souvenirs Naga Tribe: Nagaland

Handcrafted: Made In Nagaland

Additional information

Weight 40 g
Dimensions 5.5 × 2.5 cm

Angami Tribe (Man), Angami Tribe (Woman), Ao Tribe (Man), Ao Tribe (Lady), Chakhesang Tribe (Man), Chakhesang Tribe (Woman), Chang Tribe (Man), Chang Tribe (Woman), Khiamniungan Tribe (Man), Khiamniungan Tribe (Woman), Konyak Tribe (Man), Konyak Tribe (Woman), Lotha Tribe (Man), Lotha Tribe (Woman), Lotha Tribe 2 (Man), Lotha Tribe 2 (Woman), Phom Tribe (Man), Phom Tribe (Woman), Sumi Tribe (Man), Sumi Tribe (Woman), Yimkhiung Tribe (Man), Yimkhiung Tribe (Woman), Zeliang Tribe (Man), Zeliang Tribe (Woman)


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