Myki Anishi Powder


collected from forests by women farmer groups. No artificial preservatives or flavouring added. Sundried naturally

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Anishi holds a special place in the heart of traditional Naga food, serving as a distinctive ingredient crafted from taro leaves. This intricate process involves fermenting the taro leaves until they develop a rich flavour profile. The fermented leaves are then transformed into patties and carefully smoke-dried over an open fire, infusing them with a distinct smoky essence. Alternatively, yam leaves undergo fermentation and are skillfully pounded into a paste. These paste-filled leaves are wrapped in plantain leaves and slowly baked overnight over a fireplace, allowing the flavours to meld and intensify. The resulting Anishi cake is then subjected to the transformative power of fire, turning it into a fragrant powder. This powdered Anishi adds a captivating flavouring element to dishes and can be utilized to create delightful chutneys. Immerse yourself in the culinary heritage of the Naga tribes and savour the unique essence of Anishi, crafted through meticulous processes that pay homage to tradition.

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