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Women and Gender studies are slowly gaining momentum in contemporary social sciences and humanities discourses in India. The plight of women and their status in the male dominated society, their role in ceonomic development, their participation in the electoral politics and the decision making process; all these have been studied. Added to this is the emerging flood of literature on Women s movement m the country.

Yet, the case of women in North Elia India presents a different scenario where not only their voices are still unheard but also their plights, problems and exploitations remain unattended by the powers that be. The course of human history has condemned women as the “second sex”and the ‘undesirable’. Women still find themselves on the receiving end of ‘violence. and denial of rights even as they encounter and try to negotiate with different ideas and forms a[ freedom. Women need to be truly free which can only liberate and elevate them politically, socially, culturally and morally; and also for human society to progress.

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