Wings of Passion – A Collection of Drama by Arenla M Subong


About the Author

Arenla M Subong is a multi-faceted personality who is a well-known singer/musician, dramatist/filmmaker, actor, scriptwriter, composer, and choreographer in Nagaland. She is very active in promoting and preserving the rich Naga culture through various cultural activities and programmes. She is a founding band member of the band Abiogenesis, who along with her spouse has developed a new world music genre called Howey, which is a fusion of Naga Folk tunes with modern music. She is also a well known social worker who works tirelessly for the upliftment of the tribal people. She has been campaigning the HIV/AIDS campaign in Nagaland through her music, films performances, speeches and also is a serious campaigner of  Polio Immunization Programmes in Nagaland.

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