The End Times By Awoto Awomi (Hard Copy)


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The End Times is about the apocalypse that is ahead of us. It also deals with how the rapid pace of development and upgradation of Artificial Intelligence ( AI ) is a link to ” Beast Number 666 ” in the Book of Revelation.

The book also has a special emphasis on how the New World will be formed in the Millennium Reign of Jesus Christ on this earth after the rapture of the Church and the apocalypse takes place. After the 1,000-year rule of Jesus Christ, Judgment Day will take place for both unbelievers and believers, and they will be sent either to the Lake of Fire or Heaven for eternity. The book also touches on how eternity will begin as New Earth, New Heaven and New Jerusalem.

This is a must-read book to witness the insight of the hidden code of the Book of Revelation and foster the spiritual growth of the readers.


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