The Dancing Village by Dr. Easterine Kire


In “The Dancing Village”, Dr. Easterine Kire brings to children a story to delight as well as to instruct them in the rich Naga cultural folk traditions.

Seven-year-old Rongsen who loved to dance, bridges the inter-cultural divide and gets an entire Ao Naga village dance to the rhythm of a Zeliang Naga dance, leading the two tribes to embrace each other in a celebration of friendship.

The sensitive visualisation of the story by  artist Akuo Miachieo adds to the vivid presentation of Naga Village life. ~ A J Sebastian SDB (Former Professor and Head, Dept of English, NU)

This book, The Dancing Village is noted Naga Writer Easterine Kire’s 25th publication. Read more of Easterine Kire’s books in her blog, Windhover

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