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Agnes touches on subjects that are derived directly from scripture. Her poems have a depth of meaning, which focuses you on your innermost feelings and thoughts. Intimacy with God, relationships, and Bible passages help us reflect on our life and how we are living it. Being in the Word of God all my life, I especially enjoyed the clever synopsis of the poems on “Jonah” and “God’s Good Earth” and other poems with a rich mixture of family relationships. I challenged you to select just one poem out of this poetry anthology. One that spoke to me was “I Gladly Live”  based on Ephesians 1: 11-12, which seems to be the theme of “Out of Wonder”. I know that “Out of Wonder”  will begin a discovery of the heart of Agnes’ work. And as Ruskin Bond once said about Agnes’ work, “deeply felt, and written with grace and a gift for lyrical expression”.  You will recieve  a blessing as you ponder the various selections in this book.



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