Luna. Bisous. Poesy


Luna. Bisous. Poesy. by Adenuo Shirat Luikham


Luna. Bisous. Poesy. is a collection of poems that draws much of its inspiration from the moon. Literally, it means ‘moon kisses poetry.’ Luna in Roman mythology represents the goods of the moon. Bisou means a friendly or warm kiss in French. Since many of my poems are inspired by the night sky, I thought this would be an apt title for my maiden venture.
The title also has an underlying meaning. The etymology of the word ‘lunatic’ which is suggestive of ‘madness’, can be traced to the Latin word Luna. The title playfully hints that a tiny dash of ‘crazy’ is necessary to write poetry, hence-‘madness kisses poetry’. There is a little bit of madness in all poets and the title reflects that tendency.
The consequences of scribbling and confessing on chits, diaries and journals for more than twenty years resulted in the birth of this collection.

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