IZA-U King Chili Pickle


king chili ,garlic ,ginger ,lemon, m oil, pickle powder ,vinegar ,salt no artificial preservatives added

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IZA King Chili Pickle is a fiery and flavorful blend of king chilli, garlic, ginger, lemon, mustard oil, pickle powder, vinegar, and salt. Crafted without the use of artificial preservatives, this pickle delivers an authentic and natural taste. The potent king chillies, combined with the aromatic garlic and ginger, create a pickle that packs a spicy punch. The addition of lemon adds a tangy twist, while the pickle powder, vinegar, and salt enhance the overall seasoning. Whether enjoyed as a condiment, a side dish, or a fiery accompaniment to your meals, IZA King Chili Pickle adds a burst of heat and flavour. Experience the bold flavours of this pickle and embrace the fiery allure of king chillies, complemented by aromatic spices.

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Dimensions 10 × 3 × 18 cm


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