Between lived dreams and lived reality_THS01



‘The cry of the land engenders songs of lamentation; but it’s as though there’s not a soul to give a listen.’

It isn’t required to give words to what their souls so unreservedly express. Not a word necessary; yet a word always short. We don’t make a world; the world makes us, perhaps. Or does Nzan overthink every time? So much so that the mind eclipses the heart. Drawn by duty as well as by love. Will this be consequential in a consequential time?

Between Lived Dreams and Lived Reality is a story of a dreamer, of a lover and of a struggler. Amidst disillusionment over the maelstrom, the freedom struggle has taken to be. White placards beaming in black, bolded and uppercase, ‘CONDUCT COMPETITIVE EXAMS AND NOT BACKDOOR JOB SALES.’ In a land of supernatural and natural.

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