Becoming the light


Becoming the Light By Allan Aley

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In 1704, a deadly epidemic hits Nagaland. As scores of people die, a spirit appears and indicates a quest to find the antidote. however, the selfish ambition of few individuals violates the code and course of the Quest . A Seismic Blast Wipes OFF The Entire Population of Nagaland. Molung is the last Survivor. He Embarks on a Terrifying Journey which will turn his whole world upside down. A Tale of tribulations and hope, A Cast of misfits, A Protagonist with an Emotionally Dissociated mind, The genesis of the first Naga superhero Saga is a Rip-Roaring Narrative that cuts through fiction and reality. In the midst of it all, can MolungĀ  find a way to rebuild the lost world? will the dilemma thrust him further into a new heroic calling?

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