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‘ It took my mother, Khonuo, exactly forty-five years before she could bring herself to talk about the war.’

These Powerful words introduce the reader to Easterine Kire’s stunning new novel, A Respectable Woman. In Nagaland, the decisive Battle of Kohima has been fought and won by the Allies and people in and around Kohima are trying hard to come to terms with the devastation, the loss of home and property, and the deaths of their loved ones. Forty years after the event, Khonuo recreates this moment, stitching together her memories, bit by painful bit for her young daughter.

As memory passed from mother to daughter, the narrative glides seamlessly into the present, a moment in which Nagaland, much transformed, confronts different realities and challenges. Using storytelling traditions so typical of her region, kire leads the reader gently into a world where history and memory meld – where, thought this blurring, a young woman comes to understanding the legacy of her parents and her land.

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