A Diamond of Dust by A. Anato Swu (Soft Copy)


About the Author:

A. Anato Swu was born and raised in Nagaland, India. As a young man and as a prestige student, he was awarded entrance to the famous medical school of  ‘Andhra Medical College’. During his years as a trainee surgeon, he became addicted to drugs and alcohol which led to attempted suicide. For years a tug of war between good and evil sought to contest for his life, until good won. He is now sought internationally to give advice and lectures to government bodies, schools, churches and groups on how to deal with and spot addiction.

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The Author: A. Anato Swu

“A DIAMOND OF DUST” will take you on a journey of how a promising medical student, aspiring to become a top surgeon, ironically became a drug addict himself using his parents’ hard-earned money which they set aside each month to pay for his fees in a top medical college.

Read how a highly educated trainee surgeon was tempted to abuse drugs as a one-time experience not realising that the experience would jeopardise his career and cause him to be an addict and with that, would bring life-changing consequences.

From being a studious and responsible son, he went into a life of an obscure and lonely youth with shattered dreams, unconcerned about his family life, shackled by the ‘chains of addiction’, forsaken by friends and forgotten by society but God had another plan and in the midst of the author’s darkest valley eternity crossed paths with him and his life was never the same.

This book records, through experience, lucid accounts of not only what drugs and alcohol does to a person, but how to prevent you and your own children from becoming a statistic as its victim.


The mindset of an addict; how they think, control and manipulate.

How they are torn internally by abusing those they love.

The different types of drugs and their effects.

How to spot an addict.

Guidelines on raising up children in unsafe environments

Tips to tackle the drug menace in a family and neighbourhood.

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